Nerdminer Installation Guide

Nerdminer Installation Guide by

  1. Connect the NerdMiner to a USB port using the provided cable. After the device is connected, the WiFi message will appear on the display after a short wait. Scan the QR code or open the WiFi settings on your smartphone/PC and select "NerdMinerAP." Use the password displayed on the screen for the connection, which is "MineYourCoins."

  2. Once the NerdMiner is connected, the "WiFiManager" will be displayed on your smartphone/PC. Now, select the "Configure WiFi" button.

  3. Choose your WiFi connection and enter your WiFi password (if the available WiFi is not automatically displayed, press the refresh button). In the "Your BTC address" field, insert an on-chain Bitcoin address from your wallet (IMPORTANT: delete "yourBtcAddress" from the line before inserting). Your Bitcoins will be paid directly to this BTC address when a block is found. It is preferable to use a Bitcoin address from a hardware wallet! If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet yet but still want to use your NerdMiner, install a wallet (e.g., before setting up the NerdMiner and copy a Bitcoin address from there. Enter "2" for Central European Summer Time or "1" for Central European Winter Time in the "Time Zone from UTC" field. Save your inputs by clicking the "Save" button.

Button Configuration

Button 1: Press briefly to switch to the next display; Hold for 5 seconds to reset all stored configurations.

Button 2: Press briefly to turn the display on or off (if the display is off, the device continues mining).

Cleaning Instructions The fan blades on the Nerdminer's fan should be gently cleaned occasionally if they are dirty. Disconnect the device from power before doing so.

Enjoy your Nerdminer!

Greetings, Julius and Timo