VanEcks Spot Bitcoin ETF wird an Australiens größter Börse gehandelt.

VanEck’s Spot Bitcoin ETF is traded on Australia’s largest exchange.

VanEcks Spot Bitcoin ETF (VBTC) - Launch on ASX

VanEck's Spot Bitcoin ETF (VBTC) has launched on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), offering Australian investors a simplified and secure way to gain exposure to Bitcoin. The ETF was approved earlier this week and is now tradable with a management fee of 0.59%.

ASX praises VanEck Australia for first crypto ETF

The ASX praised VanEck Australia for launching the first crypto ETF on the exchange. This ETF allows investors to buy and sell units linked to Bitcoin through traditional brokerage accounts, eliminating the need to hold Bitcoin directly and mitigating the risks associated with it.

ASX emphasizes simplifying trading for investors

Andrew Campion, ASX's general manager of investment products and strategy, stressed that trading the ETF on traditional exchanges greatly simplifies the process for investors.

Monochrome Asset Managements Bitcoin ETF Trading

Additionally, Monochrome Asset Management's Bitcoin ETF recently began trading on the Cboe Australia Exchange, acquiring more than 54 bitcoins worth AUD $5.3 million.

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