Donald Trump unterstützt das Bitcoin-Mining in DC.

Donald Trump supports Bitcoin mining in DC.

Donald Trump supports Bitcoin mining in the USA

Donald Trump met with David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, and several leading Bitcoin miners in the US and pledged to support Bitcoin mining both in Washington DC and worldwide. This event marks a significant step towards "hyperbitcoinization" (the full acceptance and use of Bitcoin) in the US.

Major participants in the meeting

The meeting was attended by representatives of major Bitcoin mining companies such as CleanSpark, Riot Platforms and Marathon Digital, as well as industry experts such as Amanda Fabiano. Riot's Jason Les and Brian Morgenstern spoke with Trump about Bitcoin mining and energy. Trump promised to protect Bitcoin ownership, mining and transactions.

Trump wants to mine all remaining Bitcoins in the USA

Trump then expressed on Truth Social (his own social platform) his intention for all remaining Bitcoin to be mined in the US, which he aligned with energy dominance. This stance stands in stark contrast to the Joe Biden administration, which is less friendly to Bitcoin and more supportive of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Trump advocates crypto operations in America

Trump, who is now the first U.S. president to accept Bitcoin Lightning Network (a protocol that enables faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions) donations, is committed to keeping crypto operations (businesses in the cryptocurrency sector) in America and supports self-custody (the self-storage of cryptocurrencies) for the country's 50 million crypto holders. His crypto-positive stance is gaining him significant support from the crypto community, which could be crucial to a victory in November.

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