$105 Milliarden Elektronikriese Sony plant Start einer neuen Bitcoin-Börse

$105 billion electronics giant Sony plans to launch a new Bitcoin exchange

Sony Group launches crypto exchange in Japan

Sony Group will launch a bitcoin and crypto exchange in Japan following the acquisition of Amber Japan, a subsidiary of Amber Group. The new exchange, S.BLOX, is expected to strengthen Sony's presence in the cryptocurrency market.

After Sony acquired Amber Japan in 2023 through its subsidiary Quetta Web, the exchange was renamed. Extensive upgrades to the user interface and improvements to the mobile app are planned.

Sony's involvement in the cryptocurrency market

This initiative shows Sony's increasing commitment to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. By leveraging the established Amber Japan exchange, Sony aims to leverage its brand and international influence to promote its crypto offerings.

Japan's progressive regulation and high consumer awareness make the market ideal for Sony's new crypto services. The involvement of major companies like Sony in Bitcoin and crypto signals growing mainstream adoption and could transform finance in a similar way to how Sony's previous acquisitions have done in the media industry.

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