Republikanischer Nationalausschuss unterstützt Pro-Bitcoin-Plattform im Parteientwurf

Republican National Committee supports pro-Bitcoin platform in party bill

Republican National Committee supports Bitcoin in 2024 party platform

A panel of the Republican National Committee has approved a draft of the party's 2024 platform that strongly supports Bitcoin. The draft emphasizes the party's commitment to defending the right to mine Bitcoin (the process of creating new Bitcoins using computing power) and ensuring that Americans can self-custody their digital assets (digital assets like Bitcoin) and transact without government surveillance and control.

End of the Democrats' "un-American crypto crackdown"

The program further promises to put an end to what it calls the Democrats' "unlawful and un-American crypto-crackdown." It opposes the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). This decision underscores the Republican Party's clear stance in favor of Bitcoin and crypto innovation, in contrast to the current policy actions of the Biden administration and the Democrats.

Republican Party supports Bitcoin and crypto innovation

The bill reflects growing interest and support within the party for Bitcoin and is consistent with broader trends of Bitcoin adoption among Republican politicians. In May, Donald Trump promised to ensure that the future of crypto and Bitcoin would thrive in the U.S. The Platform Committee bill now awaits a final vote.

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