Bitcoin Core verkündet neue Sicherheitsbekanntmachungspolitik

Bitcoin Core Announces New Security Disclosure Policy

New security policy for vulnerabilities in Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core developers have introduced a new security vulnerability reporting policy to improve the reporting and timely resolution of security-critical bugs. This policy aims to strengthen transparency and security in the Bitcoin ecosystem by standardizing the vulnerability reporting and disclosure process.

The safety notification process

A security advisory involves security researchers or ethical hackers reporting discovered vulnerabilities to the affected organization so that the organization can fix the issues before they are maliciously exploited. This process includes discovering the vulnerability, confidentially reporting it, verifying it, developing a fix, and publicly disclosing it with mitigation advice.

Current vulnerabilities and recommendations

The latest reports concern various vulnerabilities, including denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerabilities, a remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in the miniUPnPc library, transaction processing bugs, and network vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow and timestamp overflow. Users are advised to keep their software up to date, although none of these vulnerabilities currently pose a critical risk to the Bitcoin network.

Categorization of vulnerabilities

The Bitcoin Core policy categorizes vulnerabilities into four severity levels: Low, Medium, High, and Critical. Disclosure timing varies depending on severity to ensure an appropriate response and protect the integrity of the network.

Importance of security practices and updates

The goal of the new policy is to ensure responsible reporting and rapid community action on vulnerabilities, underscoring the importance of vigilant security practices and regular updates on the Bitcoin network.

Ongoing research and future prospects

Bitcoin has experienced notable security issues over the years that are being addressed through ongoing research and potential updates. Bitcoin Core's new disclosure policy is a step toward achieving that balance through well-communicated and responsibly managed updates.

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