Bitcoin Lightning App Strike expandiert in UK.

Bitcoin Lightning App Strike is expanding in the UK.

Bitcoin Lightning Payments App Strike Expands in the UK

Strike, a Bitcoin Lightning Payments app, has expanded to the United Kingdom, allowing residents to buy, sell and transfer Bitcoin globally. Founded by Jack Mallers, Strike uses the Lightning Network - a network for faster and cheaper Bitcoin transactions - and makes Bitcoin accessible through its mobile app. Now available in 100 countries, Strike remains committed to driving Bitcoin adoption, despite the regulatory challenges that exist.

Bitcoin Appropriateness Assessment and App Features

In the UK, users must complete a Bitcoin Appropriateness Assessment quiz, in accordance with local regulations. The app offers features such as instant transfers for Bitcoin purchases, recurring purchases, and self-custody withdrawals. It also enables instant, free global payments between Strike users via the Lightning Network.

Strike sees potential in the UK

Although some companies have exited the UK market, Strike sees potential in the UK, the world's sixth-largest economy. The company aims to make Bitcoin accessible to both everyday users and businesses, navigating regional regulations while maintaining core functionality.

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