Lava enthüllt Börse und stabile Zahlungen.

Lava unveils exchange and stable payments.

Lava launches new products

Lava is launching two new products designed to improve digital dollar handling and Bitcoin access: Lava Free Pay and Lava Exchange.

Lava FreePay

Lava Free Pay simplifies global payments by seamlessly integrating stablecoins into Bitcoin wallets, eliminating the complexities of other blockchain networks and transaction fees. This service promises free, instant global payments and plans to support multiple networks in the future.

Lava Exchange

Lava Exchange helps users manage digital assets (digital assets such as cryptocurrencies) by offering the best exchange rates and minimizing fees. It connects users to suitable cryptocurrency exchanges based on location and market data, enables easy self-custody of assets and direct bank withdrawals. This service is integrated with the Lava Vault, making it easier to acquire Bitcoin. Lava supports this with a secure mobile key custody system called Lava Smart Key. Other products, such as a lending protocol using Bitcoin Smart Contracts (automated contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain), are in development.

Users can access these services through the Lava Vault app for iOS, Android or through the website.

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