Franklin Templeton: Ordinals treiben 'Renaissance' in der Bitcoin-Innovation voran

Franklin Templeton: Ordinals Drive 'Renaissance' in Bitcoin Innovation

Franklin Templeton recognizes Bitcoin innovation

Franklin Templeton, a leading asset manager with $1.5 trillion in assets under management, has seen a surge in Bitcoin innovation, particularly due to Ordinals and other recent advances in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company, which was among Bitcoin's first major institutional backers and launched the Franklin Bitcoin ETF this year, highlighted the emergence of Bitcoin-based NFTs (Ordinals), new token standards, and Layer 2 solutions highlighted.

Growing trading volumes and mainstream adoption

Their analysis points to growing trading volumes for Bitcoin-based projects such as NodeMonkes and Runestone and suggests that Bitcoin's inherent features such as robust security and decentralization position it well for wider mainstream adoption. Developments such as BRC-20 and Runes are considered crucial in expanding Bitcoin's functionality and indicate the beginning of a new phase of Bitcoin's growth and maturity.

Institutional interest in Bitcoin

This bullish view from Franklin Templeton is part of a larger trend of institutional interest in Bitcoin, which includes other major companies like BlackRock exploring how to integrate Bitcoin and "tokenize" various assets.

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