Block und Core Scientific schließen sich zusammen, um mit neuen ASIC-Chips das Bitcoin-Mining zu dezentralisieren.

Block and Core Scientific join forces to decentralize Bitcoin mining with new ASIC chips.

Block, Inc. and Core Scientific: Collaboration for decentralized mining hardware

Block, Inc. and Core Scientific have partnered to decentralize mining hardware by integrating Block's advanced 3-nanometer (3nm) ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) into Core Scientific's extensive operations. Core Scientific is an industry leader and is now leveraging Block's 3nm chips, adding approximately 15 exahashes per second (EH/s) of hashrate. This is a significant deal in the industry in terms of volume.

Development and decentralization of mining

Thomas Templeton, a member of Block's Proto team, emphasized that this is an important step towards advancing and decentralizing mining. The Proto team has developed a modular mining platform around its own ASIC chip to improve efficiency and reliability, while focusing on sustainable operations by simplifying infrastructure requirements.

Hashrate growth and infrastructure improvement

Russell Cann of Core Scientific highlighted that this collaboration is critical to growing hashrate and providing more opportunities for mining operations. The Proto team, in collaboration with ePIC Blockchain Technologies, has developed the platform to be compatible with Core Scientific's existing infrastructure, increasing operational efficiency and reliability.

Decentralization of the Bitcoin network

Proto's goal is to promote decentralization and transparency of the Bitcoin network through the open development of mining technology. This agreement allows third parties to develop customized solutions using Proto's mining chips, moving towards a more decentralized mining sector.

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