Bitcoin spielt wichtige Rolle bei Verteidigung der Demokratie in Nicaragua mit Félix Maradiaga.

Bitcoin plays an important role in defending democracy in Nicaragua with Félix Maradiaga.

Bitcoin Policy Summit 2024: Fighting for Freedom in Nicaragua

At the Bitcoin Policy Summit 2024, Nicaraguan pro-democracy activist Félix Maradiaga highlighted the severe loss of freedoms under the rule of Daniel Ortega. He noted that Nicaragua has seen the fastest decline in freedoms in the world, with people being imprisoned for simple acts such as raising the national flag or expressing opinions on social media. There are currently 130 people imprisoned for political reasons, and over the past three years, more than 1,700 people have been imprisoned in inhumane conditions, including Maradiaga himself. Almost 12% of the population has been forced to flee.

Bitcoin as a weapon against financial repression

Now working from outside the country to rebuild Nicaragua's democratic opposition, Maradiaga is betting on Bitcoin to fight financial repression by the regime. He reported that after being introduced to Bitcoin by his wife and Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation, his team began using Bitcoin to bypass traditional financial systems that the Ortega regime would exploit to persecute activists.

Anti-money laundering regulations and the importance of Bitcoin

Maradiaga also spoke about how global anti-money laundering regulations, often referred to as AML rules, are being abused to target freedom fighters. He pointed to the closure of 3,400 NGOs (non-governmental organizations) under these laws. He stressed the need for decision-makers to educate themselves about Bitcoin, stating that Bitcoin offers a viable alternative to traditional financial systems to combat political repression.

Global cooperation for freedom and human rights

Maradiaga noted that dictators around the world are collaborating and sharing repressive technologies, and stressed the importance of global cooperation among those who value freedom and human rights. He directed interested individuals who would like to support his efforts to the World Liberty Congress.

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