Marathon heizt finnische Stadt mit 11.000 Einwohnern mit Bitcoin-Mining.

Marathon heats up Finnish town of 11,000 inhabitants with Bitcoin mining.

Recycling Bitcoin mining heat: The pilot project in Finland

Marathon Digital Holdings has launched a pilot project to recycle heat generated by Bitcoin mining to heat a community in Finland's Satakunta region. The 2-megawatt data center, which has been operational since May, will serve the region's 11,000 residents. This project is part of Marathon's strategy to expand globally and promote sustainable practices.

Sustainable heating solutions and strategy

Fred Thiel, Marathon's chairman, emphasized that this project is not only about producing digital assets (digital assets), but also about providing sustainable heating solutions. This is Marathon's first district heating project and its first step into the European market. By using excess heat from the data centers, Marathon aims to reduce carbon emissions and operating costs.

Recycling heat for district heating in Europe

Marathon's heating system takes advantage of Europe's existing network of district heating systems and the cooler climate, which also benefits data centers by reducing energy consumption. Recycling this heat for district heating could reduce waste and costs, and reduce reliance on traditional, carbon-emitting energy sources.

Marathon’s sustainability and expansion strategy

This project is in line with Marathon's sustainability goals and expansion strategy across four continents. By recycling heat, Marathon is strengthening its sustainability efforts and exploring new revenue streams. The goal is to power digital asset computing with zero-cost energy.

Marathon's innovative paths to sustainability

Adam Swick, Marathon's Chief Growth Officer, mentioned that this project follows a successful pilot in Utah that demonstrated the use of landfill gas for digital asset computing. Marathon is collecting data from this Finnish project to find more sustainable applications for their operations and continue to innovate towards sustainability.

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