Bitcoin Spender zahlt $500.000 für Julian Assanges Freiheitsflug

Bitcoin donor pays $500,000 for Julian Assange’s freedom flight

Anonymous Bitcoin donor supports Julian Assange

An anonymous Bitcoin donor paid over $500,000 in BTC (bitcoin, a digital currency) to cover the cost of Julian Assange's flight back to Australia. Assange, who fought extradition for 14 years on espionage charges related to WikiLeaks, returned a free man. On June 24, he was released from a British prison after pleading guilty in a US court under a plea agreement.

Support from the Bitcoin community

On June 25, his wife posted an urgent appeal for donations to cover the $520,000 cost of a private charter flight. A single Bitcoin donor sent over 8 BTC, equivalent to nearly $500,000, to cover the costs. This generous contribution demonstrates the Bitcoin community's long-standing support for Assange, as well as the role of technology in promoting freedom of expression and financial independence.

Julian Assange's connection to Bitcoin

Assange has long been a Bitcoin proponent and pioneer, and has been associated with the cryptocurrency since WikiLeaks began receiving BTC donations in 2010. His return to Australia marks a significant victory for his supporters and sheds light on the ongoing conflict between individual freedoms and state power. Assange is expected to recover after his lengthy incarceration and may continue to be active in the Bitcoin space.

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